Boral Building Products

Boral Building Products

Boral Building Products is your single source for bricks, stone, fiber cement siding, EIFS and stucco, and hardscapes products and accessories. With over 50 showrooms spread across eleven states, we are dedicated to providing building materials that builders, contractors, architects, designers and homeowners are requesting. Our knowledgeable showroom staff and outside sales team looks forward to the opportunity to help you find the products that will bring your design to life.

Survey Says 70 Percent of Homebuyers are More Inclined to Purchase a Green Home

Today more homeowners are choosing green homes and picking products based on their sustainable attributes. When selecting building materials for a green or sustainable building project, masonry is a fundamental option. And, selecting natural materials, such as brick, can provide environmental advantages for virtually any building project. But how do you know what products offer the most benefits?

In EcoHome Magazine¹s June 2012 article, “Green Masonry”, the author states that “most structural masonry products will contribute to green building credits simply because of their inherent sustainability, but builders can improve the performance, quality and desirability of a structure by choosing masonry units that offer additional benefits such as resource efficiency, reduced weight, insulating value, recycled content, and other environmental attributes when possible.”

Boral Offers Even More Products to Help You Build Green

From brick and stone cladding to stucco and siding, Boral® delivers a wide range of products ideal for most any building project. Our new Cultured Stone® line offers a variety of colors, shapes and textures, while our fiber cement siding from Nichiha uses over 50% recycled content and provides a great alternative to traditional cladding materials. We have more products, solutions and choices available to help you build something great™. From brick and stone cladding to stucco and siding, Boral® delivers a wide range of products ideal for most any help you build something great™.

BRICKS - Brick products from Boral Bricks and CalStar Products plus other regional suppliers provide you with endless color and texture selections.

STONE - The original and most popular name in manufactured stone veneer, Cultured Stone®, is now part of the Boral family of building products.

FIBER CEMENT SIDING - Siding products from Nichiha provide a great alternative to traditional cladding materials.
EIFS & STUCCO - Boral Building Products is proud to represent the BASF Finestone line of quality EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finishing System) and stucco products and warrantied systems.

MASONRY COATINGS - ReCoteTM Textured Acrylic Coating is a great solution when brick and other types of masonry require an aesthetic makeover. This product is manufactured by Master Wall Inc.

HARDSCAPES - Paver products and other outdoor living components can create the perfect complement to a home or commercial property. Pavers from Boral Bricks and CalStar Products plus outdoor fireplaces by FireRock Fireplaces finished with a veneer of Cultured Stone represent just some of the hardscape selections across the Boral Building Products network.

Boral Cultured Stone

Boral Cultured Stone® Products

As an architectural element, there's no question that stone is an attractive option. But full-thickness natural stone is heavy, difficult to install and can be limited in terms of choice. Manufactured stone veneers present nearly limitless options for size, shape, color and texture. And since 1962, the Cultured Stone brand has been the preferred name in manufactured stone.

CalStar Sustainable Bricks

CalStar Sustainable Bricks

CalStar Products, Inc. develops and manufactures sustainable building products that allow green Architects and Specifiers to dramatically reduce the energy and CO2 footprint of their projects, and incorporate significant recycled materials, without compromising building performance or budgets.

Nichiha Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber Cement Siding - Nichiha

Your projects come in all shapes, markets and styles... Nichiha makes an attractive fiber cement siding solution for every single one of them. Our products help you capture the look and feel of brick, stone, block and cedar in considerably less time and at a fraction of the cost.

FineStone® EIFS and Stucco Products

EIFS and Stucco - BASF / Finestone®

Finestone® is a brand of the Wall Systems business of BASF Corporation, a leading U.S. manufacturer of EIFS, water managed EIFS, stucco systems and cement board stucco. The Finestone brand is associated with high quality wall systems, architectural products and the beautiful finishes that cover them.

Master Wall ReCote™ Masionry Coatings

Masonry Coatings – Master Wall ReCote™

ReCote™, Master Wall's textured masonry coating, creates instant character by adding a beautiful, lightly textured flat finish. This acrylic textured coating is specifically formulated for direct application to masonry, concrete and tilt-up concrete panels

FireRock Fireplaces

FireRock Fireplaces

FireRock Fireplaces is a leading manufacturer of pre-engineered masonry fireplace and chimney systems. The components of the FireRock system fit together easily to create an all masonry foundation that supports virtually any mantle, surrounds, veneer, stone, stucco, or other finish.

Beautiful Boral Bricks

Boral Bricks

Boral Bricks, Inc. is the nation's largest brick manufacturer, producing 1.5 billion bricks each year. That's enough brick to circle the globe eight times! Our experience, history and product breadth make Boral Bricks the obvious choice for your home or business.

Boral pavers

Boral Pavers

The wide variety of choices and styles make it easy for you to create the perfect effect in virtually any landscape design. You can choose from 27 beautiful products in colors ranging from earthy browns and burgundies to subtle tans and grays. All are solid clay, so their rich color never fades.