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Boral Material Technologies actively pursues the advancement of Coal Combustion Products through research and development and
practical innovation.

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The proper selection and use of coal combustion products has enabled Boral to assist concrete producers and contractors in meeting challenging performance requirements.

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Learn about the sustainable properties of Boral Coal Combustion Products and how they can help meet your green building needs.

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View our comprehensive list Fly Ash references & links to Fly Ash & CCP industry information, articles, news and services.

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Frequently asked questions about the CCP and Fly Ash Industry, as well as Boral Fly Ash products and services available to our customers.

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View an up to date, nationwide diesel fuel price guide available for your information, reference and planning purposes.

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Boral Fly Ash Utility Services Utility Services

Boral coordinates Fly Ash processing, management, distribution and marketing into a single integrated system. We provide all CCP services wherever needed.

CCP Management CCP Management

Boral can assist utilities to minimize CCP (Coal Combustion Products) disposal to meet environmental requirements, manage costs and maximize returns.

Boral Fly Ash Engineering Services Engineering Services

Boral has over 40 years experience in providing Engineering Design and Construction Management services related to fly ash, FDG (flue-gas desulfurization gypsum) and bottom ash processing facilities.

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Boral Fly Ash is one of five US companies operating under Boral Industries including Boral Bricks, Boral Roofing, Boral Stone and Boral Trim.

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PACT® is a proven, proprietary product for beneficiating fly ash that is contaminated with powdered activated carbon.

Boral Fly Ash

Boral Fly Ash Utility Services

Boral Utility Services Group provides management and marketing services throughout the United States. The experience that Boral has gained through decades of successful CCP marketing has given utilities confidence - confidence that their disposal rate will be minimized and that all expectations and promises are fulfilled. BMT provides the following list of credentials:

- Manage more than 7 million tons of CCPs on site

- Market more than 4 million tons of CCPs each year

- Provide an experienced CCP marketing organization

- Recognized as a national leader in the supply of concrete grade fly ash

- Possess the financial strength and industry commitment to support operations in any region and to serve multiple plants on a system-wide basis

Boral coordinates your ash processing, management, distribution and marketing into a single integrated system. We provide all CCP services wherever needed.

- Operating and maintaining ash collection systems and storage facilities

- Providing quality assurance

- Managing environmental compliance, including landfill management

- Engineering, constructing and renovating of ash handling facilities

- Developing new fly ash beneficiation systems

- Providing CCP transportation and distribution

- Improving CCP utilization through innovative marketing

Engineering Services

Boral Material Technologies has over 40 years experience in providing clients with Engineering Design and Construction Management services related to fly ash, FDG and bottom ash processing facilities. With Boral being an industry leader in fly ash marketing, all facilities are designed to maximize CCP sales.

These facilities encompass a variety of applications that include:

- Fly Ash conversion Systems (Wet to Dry).

- Fly Ash Loadout Facilities.

- Fly Ash Mass Storage Facilities.

- Dry Fly Ash processing systems (Patented MACS Ash Production).

Engineering Services covers a wide range of applications that Boral provides to its utility clients.

Some of these services include:

- Turnkey Design and Construction of Fly Ash Processing Facilities.

- Existing Fly Ash Handling System Operation Modifying to Promote CCP Sales.

- Site Specific Engineering Evaluation.

- Equipment/Parts Replacement.

- Site Infrastructure Improvement.