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Boral Bricks Why Chose Boral Bricks

Explore the many reasons why sustainable, durable and affordable Boral Bricks are the right choice for a wide variety of applications for your home.

Boral Roofing Reroof with Clay or Concrete Tile

Boral Roofing offers the industries most dynamic portfolio of lightweight clay and concrete roof tiles designed for the reroof market offering beauty, durability and value.

Boral Smog Eating Tile Smog Eating Tile

Boral Roofing is proud to introduce "Smog Eating Tile" with BoralPure Tecnology. Imaging a roof tile that nutralizes the smog produced by a car driving 10,800 miles a year

Cultured Stone Cultured StoneĀ®

Click here to view our new BoralĀ® Stone Masonry Veneer and Stone Siding Design Solutions catalog to help you with ideas and tips for your cladding projects.

Boral Bricks and Pavers Introducing TruExterior Trim

Click here to learn about the exciting features and benefits of Boral's revolutionary new TruExterior Trim with Poly Ash Technology, the perfect complement to any sustainable building project.