Boral Clay Pavers

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Beautiful Boral Paver Colors Beautify Your Home with Boral® Pavers

Boral Pavers unique colors and styles are beautiful, durable and perfect for paths, driveways, pool surrounds and outdoor areas of all shapes and sizes.

Boral Clay Pavers the Customers Choice Boral® Paver Products

It’s the inner beauty of Boral Pavers that gives them so much outdoor charm. With 9 colors and 3 distinctive styles, Boral Pavers offer stunning options for any garden landscape design.

Beautiful Boral Pavers Residential Pavers Photo Gallery

View beautiful examples of Boral Pavers and Bricks used in garden patios, pools, indoors and outdoor projects.

Boral Bricks Boral® Brick Products

Visit our Boral Bricks pages to see Boral’s extensive range of bricks products to complement and enhance any Boral paving project.

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Beautiful Landscape Design Perfect Landscape Design

View a short video on how to enhance exterior landscape design with Boral Pavers. Perfect for paths, driveways and outdoor areas, Boral Pavers stand the test of time.

Boral Pavers Installation Guide How To Install Pavers

Installing clay pavers is surprisingly simple for DIY paving at home. No mortar is used – just a few hand tools, paving materials and your time.

Specifications for Boral Pavers ASTM Specifications

Download Boral Pavers ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) specifications for Pedestrian and Light Traffic Paving and Heavy Vehicular Paving here.

Boral Paver Project Gallery Commercial Boral® Pavers Photo Gallary

View beautiful examples of Boral Pavers and Bricks used in garden patios, pools, indoors and outdoor projects.

Boral Slip-Resistant Pavers Slip-Resistant Clay Pavers

Boral Clay Pavers exceed ASTM standards for both wet and dry conditions, making our slip-resistant pavers ideal for areas where slipping or foot traffic safety is a concern.

Locate a Boral Paver Dealer Locate a Boral® Paver Dealer

Locate a Boral Paver or Brick dealer, distributor or showroom close to your location using our interactive Dealer Locator using Google Maps technology.

Architect and Design Professionals - News and Information

Boral Permeable Pavers Permeable Clay Pavers

Boral permeable clay pavers offer water management solutions and conservation for sustainable design.

Boral Heavy Vehicular Pavers Heavy Vehicular Pavers

Boral Heavy Vehicular Pavers are your best choice for paving paths and driveways with high volume and heavy traffic in commercial or residential building projects.

Boral Pavers and LEED LEED Point Opportunities

Boral Natural Clay Pavers make them ideal for sustainable projects. Investigate potential LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) point opportunities with Boral Pavers to help meet your sustainability goals.

Boral Clay Pavers SRI Index Clay Pavers Solar Reflectance

Using Boral Pavers with a high SRI will reduce the heat island effect, reducing the demand for air conditioning, improving the environment and help qualify for LEED point opportunities.

Boral Pavers Technical Information Specifications and Drawings

Download technical building information, specifications, drawings and product images for architectural design and specification needs.

Industry Links Building Industry Links

View list of important industry links to learn more about sustainable features and benefits of clay bricks products in the construction industry.

About Boral® Bricks and Pavers

At Boral, our product development doesn’t stop at making quality bricks and pavers; we make the color and texture you ask for. We offer over 150 different colors and textures of brick available and ready to be used for the entire house or to work with other materials such as stone and shake. We have products you just won’t find anywhere else like our 17th Century® brick, creating a beautiful antique façade, or our genuine clay pavers with color that will never fade. What’s more, we offer a full line of Boral Brick Shapes that build architectural detail and add character to your home.

Home Owners & Renovators Clay Paver Selection

Boral pavers come in a variety of sizes, colors and textures to suit all styles of home and gardens. Find pavers to suit new and heritage homes and clay pavers for patios, driveways, paths and paving outdoor areas.

Building Design Professional Clay Paver Selection

Boral Pavers are available in a range of colors and textures to suit new homes, commercial or renovation projects. We also have a full complement of tools and technical information to help design and specify projects using Boral products.

Building Trade Clay Paver Selection

Boral clay bricks and pavers are available in a range of colours and textures to suit new homes outdoor areas or renovation building projects. Boral bricks & pavers CAD swatches, paver properties and project examples assist contractors and builders deliver superior features and benefits and satisfaction to customers.