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Boral is a leading manufacturer of sustainable, durable and affordable building products in North America. Our extensive portfolio of Brick, Paver, Fly Ash. Stone Veneer, Trim and Roofing Products are ideally suited for any construction project. Please clink on the links below to learn more about the exciting, industry leading products Boral has to offer your project.


Boral Bricks

Boral Bricks is the industry leader in the sustainable manufacture of energy efficient, durable, clay bricks and pavers. These time-tested products provide customers with beautiful options that provide exceptional energy performance, strength and durability, and minimal maintenance requirements.

Roof Tiles

Boral Clay and Concrete Roof Tiles

Boral Roofing is comprised of the nation’s largest concrete and clay roof tile manufacturers. Included in this comprehensive portfolio of products are the only line of roof tile certified Cradle to Cradle® Gold, cool roof reflective colors, tiles containing recycled content of up to 59%, Energy Star certification, and the revolutionary new “Smog Eating Tile” with BoralPure™ technology.


Boral Stone Veneer

No other stone veneer manufacturing company can match Boral’s commitment to healthy, sustainable communities. Boral employs environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes that utilize low-emitting raw materials and recycled content to produce a variety of attractive, durable products with consistently long life-cycles.

TruExterior Trim

Boral TruExterior Trim

Boral TruExterior™ Trim combines proprietary bio-based polymer chemistry with coal-combustion by-products to deliver products with virtually no moisture cycling, making it ideal for exterior trim applications in any climate. With more than 75% recycled or rapidly renewable materials, Boral TruExterior™ Trim offers the chance to choose a durable, eco-friendly, high-performance product for exterior applications.


Boral Pavers

Boral Pavers give you the flexibility to create your idea exterior space with a wide range of colors and style options. Made from 100% natural clay, not only will Boral Pavers’ beauty never fade, they will also help you meet your sustainability goals. Make a lasting impression with Boral Pavers, an all-natural solution that will endure for generations.

Roof Components

Boral Roof Components

A roof is a dynamic performing system that protects breaths and ages with the structure. By studying roof performance characteristics and failure points, Boral has developed Roof System Components that, when installed properly, provide a tile roof system that lasts longer and increases energy savings. Boral carries a full line of roofing components for any application or climate.

Fly Ash

Boral Fly Ash

BORAL MATERIAL TECHNOLOGIES INC. (BMTI) is a leading marketer of fly ash and all coal combustion products, with more than four decades of experience in the fly ash and concrete industry. Boral is a pioneer in new construction material technologies to help Ready-mix concrete producers and contractors improve their operations with supply reliability, technical expertise, and sales and service support.